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The following is for guidance only and has no part of any relevant ordinance, harbours regulations or contractual requirements.

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Allocation of berths and moorings

Applications for berths and moorings are accepted by Guernsey Harbours. Berths and moorings are for a minimum period of 12 months and are not transferable. If a berth/mooring holder does not place a boat, registered in his/her name, on the berth/mooring for a period of 6 calendar months, the berth/mooring will be withdrawn.

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Cancellation of moorings

30 days written notice is required to cancel a mooring. Please note, you may still be liable for fees after the notice of cancellation has been received. Moorings left vacant for more than 6 months without notification may be revoked.

Loan of berths

Berth/moorings holders may not loan their berths/moorings without the written permission of the Harbourmaster. Mooring charges relevant to the size of vessel and type of mooring will be raised by the Harbour Office for the period of the loan. No rebate will be awarded to the allocated mooring holder during the period of the loan. Any mooring holder found to be loaning their allocated mooring without permission risks having the mooring withdrawn.

Securing to berths

Berth holders in the marinas may secure their warps to the pontoons, using rope secured to the aluminium cleats. Shackles or chains are not permitted.

Lines to be doubled up during adverse weather conditions and during the winter season. Boats and moorings should be regularly inspected as moorings are prone to chafe, bilges fill up and batteries run down.

Swinging moorings

Swinging moorings are laid to deadmen in position on the sea bed. Each mooring position is to have chains of size and length as specified by Guernsey Harbours. The boat is to be secured to the mooring i.e. when the boat is on the mooring the weight of the mooring must be taken by the boat and not the mooring buoy. The boat must be close up to the buoy to prevent excessive movement or damage to adjacent boats.

Registration number of boat to be shown on mooring buoy.

Only divers registered with Guernsey Harbours can lay or adjust moorings in the Pool in St Peter Port. A certificate is required, signed by the diver, on the laying or modification of any moorings in the Pool, to ensure these moorings are laid correctly.

Boats of shallow draught on swinging moorings are advised to hang a bucket in the water over stern - to act as sea anchor and prevent excessive swing.

Fore and aft moorings

Fore and aft moorings are laid in areas of the harbours that dry at low water. These moorings are only suitable for vessels of small size that can take to the ground.

Floating ropes

All ropes left permanently attached to any mooring, buoys or berths in the harbours are to be non buoyant. Floating ropes found anywhere in the harbours will be removed.

Safety and Security Occurrence Reporting

In the event of concern over matters of safety and security or to report a hazard you have identified, please report these using Guernsey Harbours' Hazard Reporting System

Your vessel

Sale of vessel

Vessel owners selling a boat or part share of a boat, exporting, scrapping, or disposing of a boat in any way, are required to inform Guernsey Harbours in writing within 28 days.

Insurance 17 knots and over

All boats capable of 17 knots and over, irrespective of size, must carry third party insurance. This includes jet skis. Any owner allocated a marina berth or mooring in either harbour, is also required to insure his/her vessel, irrespective of speed.

Removal of unauthorised boats

Any unauthorised vessel found on private berths/moorings will be removed at the owner's expense. If it is subsequently found that the vessel is not insured and/or registered it will be reported to Bailiwick Law Enforcement.

Bay moorings

Offshore mooring lines, other mooring sites or harbours (not St Peter Port or St Sampson's Harbours) that are managed by the relevant parishes. Please find below a link for Parish Douzaine contacts and a map showing the locations of local bay moorings.

Douzaine contacts for bay moorings  |  Map of Guernsey bay moorings