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Advertising with Guernsey Ports

Guernsey Ports' harbour estate provides a unique and exciting opportunity for companies to promote their product to a mass audience of passengers travelling into and out of the island, using the effective and powerful tools of ambient and outdoor advertising.

Advertising at the harbour is equally attractive to businesses based in Guernsey and also those based in the destinations served by the harbour, such as Poole, Portsmouth, Jersey, St Malo, Dielette, Granville, Alderney, Sark, and Herm. There are multiple advertising areas throughout St Peter Port harbour, all of which provide a variety of options for advertisers which is made up of the following:

Advertising at the harbour provides businesses with an alternative means to communicate with a mass audience, outside of the more widely available forms of traditional media in Guernsey which can be congested and easily ignored.

Please use this link if you wish to explore opportunities with our advertising concessionaire at our sites across the Ports.